Kaczmarek Wedding Vow Renewal, by Camden, SC Wedding Photographer

I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph the wedding vow renewal ceremony of Amy and Ken Kaczmarek on October 25th.  It was on the day of their 10th wedding anniversary and while Ken was home on two weeks of leave from Afghanistan.  Ken’s in the Army and is serving his second tour in Afghanistan.  All of this was planned spur of the moment and couldn’t have happened without the help of Lori Creasman, owner of  “Our Barn” in Ridgeway, SC, where the Kaczmarek daughters take riding lessons.

In a time when so many marriages fail, it was great to see a couple renewing their vows to love and cherish each other forever.  And, if you’re wondering, Ken is a second cousin of actress Jane Kaczmarek from Malcolm in the Middle…. one of my all-time favorite sit-com’s! Here are a few of the images from the ceremony and afterwards…

1 thought on “Kaczmarek Wedding Vow Renewal, by Camden, SC Wedding Photographer

  1. Wonderful Pic s
    It was my honor to share this Great event with this Family !
    I Love them all and God has GREAT things in store for them
    and We are all looking forward to Ken’s SAFE return.
    Life is good with God’s grace and we praise Him in all we do !
    Thank you to EVERYONE that made this a memorable day !
    Ms Lori

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